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Shoot for hours. Edit in minutes. Share in seconds.

Introducing the latest DZ-HS500 Hybrid DVD+HDD CAM is a new kind of camcorder that combines the high capacity of a 30GB Hitachi hard disk with the convenience of a Multiformat+ DVD burner.

Shoot 23 hours* on the HDD then press the One Touch Dubbing button to burn movies from HDD to DVD with 2x speed dubbing*1 Users can enjoy the advantage of Hybrid CAM; shooting longer and burning multiple DVDs for fast and easy sharing without a PC or other hardware.

* Standard quality mode *1 Fine quality mode

  • Hybrid DVD+HDD CAM
  • 30GB High Capacity Hitachi HDD
  • One Touch Easy Dubbing Button
  • 2x Speed Dubbing
  • Multiformat+ DVD RAM/-RW/-R/+RW (& SD Card)
  • 1-Second Quick Start

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