3D-LiDAR (TOF) Motion Sensor

Enhanced Security

The sensor can detect when someone enters restricted or dangerous areas and sends alert information in real time to security personnel.

Used in connection with ID cards, the sensor can detect when someone without an ID card follows someone with a card and alert security personnel, eliminating "tailgating" by unauthorised personnel.

Shoplifting can be deterred by using the sensor to detect suspicious behaviour, actions, and time spent in a location. The sensor can detect movement in areas where security cameras have blind spots and alert security personnel.

Comprehensive In-Store Analysis 

The sensor can track the number of people entering and exiting the store, along with behaviours of passers-by thus giving marketers data on time spent viewing store window displays and advertising effectiveness.

In store behaviour analysis is achieved by tracking aisles visited, time spent in particular locations, products viewed and touched then selected for purchase.

Real time data can help retailers properly staff busy locations and checkout lanes.



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Standard Performance


Motion Sensor

Model Name


Optical Source

Laser λ=850nm, Laser Safety Standard IEC60825-1 class1

Power charge

Power over Ethernet Plus(PoE+):IEEE802.3at

Power Consumption


Detection Distance

Distance 0.7 *1 to 10m (White colour Kent Paper)

Measurement Resolution & Repeatable Accuracy

σ≦80mm @2m with 320x240 resolution Measurement Accuracy 8% or better Ambient Illuminance 10,000 lx or less *2 : (White color Kent Paper) *Measure at centre of FOV

FOV angle

76° (H) × 60° (V)

Frame rate

30fps fixed rate *3


Ethernet 100 BASE-TX

Indicator lamp

Power lamp (Green): Turn on at power on status Operation lamp (Orange): Blink at normal operation Turn off at abnormal operation or disorder

Ambient Temperature Humidity

0 degree C~+45 degree C (Operates at 50 degrees C) 0~95% (Non condensation)

Storage Temperature

-40~+60 degrees C


Accumulated use 22,500hrs

Product Weight

500g (Excluding cable)

Dimension (W×D×H)

138mm×69mm×69mm (Excluding projecting part)

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