Introducing the world's first Blu-ray Disc Camcorder, the DZ-BD70E is the next generation in Full HD 1920 x 1080 camcorder featuring compatibility with Blu-ray Disc, the next generation Full HD optical disc. Blu-ray Disc enables 1 hour of Full HD recording and delivers truly incredible image quality.

With a seamless, end-to-end Full HD 1920 x 1080 image processing from; capture with an advanced Full HD lens and 5.3 megapixel CMOS sensor, to processing via PICTURE MASTER Full HD A/V CODEC & LSI to output to 8cm Blu-ray Discs or via HDMI connection, the DZ-BD70E enables you to record treasured memories for future viewing.


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  • Camera

  • Lens type

    HD quality multi coated lens

  • LCD

    2.7" (16:9 Widescreen) (210k Pixels)

  • EVF

    Colour (200k Pixels)

  • Optical/Digital zoom

    10x / 500x

  • CMOS Image Sensor (Pixels)

    Total 5.3M, Movie 2.07 M, Still 4.32M

  • CMOS Size

    1 / 2.8"

  • Lens F No.

    F1.8 (Wide) - 3.0 (Tele)

  • Focal length

    f 5.0-50mm

  • Filter diameter


  • LCD Video light


  • Accessory shoe

    Cold Shoe

  • Built-in flash


  • EIS (Electronic Image Stabilisation)


  • Minimum illumination

    24 Lux (Auto, Shutter Speed 1 / 30)

  • Focus

    Auto / Manual

  • White Balance

    Auto / Set / Outdoor / Indoor / Halogen

  • Iris

    Auto / Manual

  • Recording scene modes

    Auto / Portrait / Spotlight / Surf & Snow / Low Light

  • Recording Capacity

  • Recording Media

    BD 8cm BD-RE / -R DVD 8cm DVD-RAM / -RW / -R / +RW

  • Movie Formats/Recording Times

    Maximum recording time (BD)
    HX: 1hr. / HF: 1.3hrs. / HS: 2hrs.
    Maximum recording time (DVD)
    SX: 20min. / SF: 30min.

  • General

  • Audio Format

    2ch Stereo Dolby Digital

  • Still Image (Picture size)

    2400 x 1800 (4.32 Mega-pixels)

  • DCF


  • Photo capture Movie to JPEG from BD/DVD

    • (1920 x 1080) / (640 x 360)

  • Start-up time

    1-Second Quick Start (1 sec*)
    Start-up ** (3 sec)

  • Connectivity

    AV / S output • / •
    AV input - / -
    USB 2.0 output •
    HDMI Output •

  • Finalise button


  • Full Auto Button


  • Memory card slot


  • Display language text

    English / French / Spanish / Italy / German / Chinese

  • Scene Transitions

    White / Wipe / Mono

  • PC software


  • Battery life** (w/o LCD)

    90min (BD)

  • Power consumption (w/o LCD)

    6.7W (BD)

  • Supplied battery


  • Accessories

  • Battery Pack

    Li-ion 1360mAh

  • AC adaptor

    AC adaptor / charger

  • USB PC Cable


  • HDMI Cable


  • PC software

    CD-ROM (ImageMixer 3 HD Edition for BD)

  • Shoulder strap


  • AC power cord


  • DC power cord


  • AV cable

    Multi connector w / S terminal

  • Lens cap


  • Instruction manual


  • Quick guide


  • Battery for remote


  • BD-RE disc


  • Physical

  • Dimensions (W X H X D)

    77 x 87 x 166mm

  • Weight (w/o battery)


  • DZ-BD7/HE-70E small print

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the expected ratio of Hybrid Blu-ray disc + HDD camcorders against Blu-ray single disc camcorders?

    Hybrid Blu-ray disc + HDD camcorders vs. Blu-ray disc only camcorders = 6:4 

  • Will Hitachi continue to develop DVD camcorders?

    Yes, DVD CAMs are a fundamental part of Hitachi’s camcorder product lineup.

  • Does Hitachi have any product planning for SD (Secure Digital) memory card as a camcorder recording media?

    Hitachi has no plans at this moment, but is always observing the market trends and needs so may consider SD media in camcorders if the needs among the consumers become more important.

  • Can you record high definition on 8cm DVD?

    DVD records in standard definition using MPEG2, therefore DVDs cannot be used to record in high definition.

  • How many recording quality modes are there?

    High definition (Save to HDD and BD)

    • HX: 15Mbps(VBR Recording 256Kbps) 1920×1080
    • HF: 11Mbps(VBR Recording 256Kbps) 1440×1080
    • HS: 7.5Mbps(VBR Recording 256Kbps) 1440×1080

    High resolution camera image: MPEG4 AVC/H.264 VBR
    High quality audio codec: Dolby Digital
    Standard definition (Save to DVD)

    • SX:9Mbps(VBR Recording 256Kbps) 720×480
    • SF : 6Mbps(VBR Recording 256Kbps) 720×480

    Movie format: MPEG2 VBR

    Audio format: Dolby Digital

  • What is the advantage of Hitachi’s Blu-ray disc camcorder, compared to other HD camcorders?

    • Against AVCHD-DVD, Blu-ray disc can record 1 hour (1 DVD recording hour)  
    • Against AVCHD-HDD, Blu-ray disc can remove media, and archive
    Against AVCHD-SD memory card, Blu-ray disc media is lower cost

  • The Blu-ray disc camcorders cannot record still images to HDD, Blu-ray disc or DVD-RAM. What is the reason for this?

    The most popular format for digital still images is SD card therefore, we have ensured our new Blu-ray disc camcorders will record digital still images to SD card and movies to HDD, Blu-ray disc and Multiformat+ DVDs.

  • On which recording medias can consumers use editing functions?

    : HDD、BD-RE、DVD-RAM、DVD-RW (in VR mode)

  • What is the capacity and recording time for HDD?

    30 Gigabytes  (GB)
    HX=4 hours (1920×1080)
    HF=5 hours 20min(1440×1080)
    HS=8 hours (1440×1080)

  • Is HDD removable?


  • What is the dubbing speed?

    Transferring HDD→Blu-ray disc double speed Transferring HDD→DVD 0.5 speed

  • What is the data transfer rate speed from HDD to PC via USB 2.0?


  • What is unique about the 5.3M CMOS?

    Total 5.3M pix (effective pix 2.07M for video, 4.32M for still) progressive reading without shifting pixel or arranging pixel to make it sound like high spec. It is the highest resolution CMOS for full HD in the industry.

  • Does this 8cm Blu-ray disc / DVD drive support +RW?

    +RW DVD is supported with the European PAL model

  • What are the key features of this 8cm Blu-ray disc / DVD drive?

    World’s first 8cm Blu-ray disc / DVD drive. 
    Since it is developed for camcorders:

    1. Compact, light, and low power consumption
    2. Shock resistant

    Rapid start to capture the right moment, and real time recording

  • What is the recording capacity of a BD media?

    Approx. 7.5GB for 8cmBD (single side, single layer)

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