Department of Brilliant - RAF Event

Department of Brilliant - RAF Event

Projectors: CP-WU9410 with USL-901 Lens

The Department of Brilliant required a projector to run visuals on stage for the London based band; Public Service Broadcasting, who entertain their audiences through AV transmissions whereby they weave samples from old public information films, archive footage and propaganda material around live drums, guitars, banjos and electronics. The projectors would be used to rear project through vintage TV sets and state of the art modern video projection devices.

In this instance the visuals were to be played from one PC to four projectors, and then projection map into a variety of surfaces including the many vintage TV sets.

After reviewing the Hitachi range of projectors The Department of Brilliant felt the CP-AW252WNM 2500 lumen Ultimate Short throw would on this occasion not be sufficient, with a need for more lumens due to the additional stage lighting as well as one of the performances taking place with some daylight. They opted for four CP-WU9410 projectors along with the USL - 901 Ultra Short throw lens. The Department of Brilliant only use a VGA connection and conduct all keystone correction and image manipulation within their software so their priority was brightness to combat powerful stage lighting. Their second requirement was the image throw ratio. This is what enables the projectors to be placed on stage fairly close to the screens, and not create black spots where the band would not otherwise be able to move due to the shadows created.

The outcome was described by the band manager as "Terrific. The 1:1 lens worked well and the projectors gave the show a great impact. When fighting stage lights, the more power the better so in future we would even consider a more powerful model or potentially stacking projectors."