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  • Optisch

  • Anzeigegerät

    0.67" (16:10 aspect ratio) DLPx1

  • Auflösung

    WUXGA (1920 x 1200)

  • Helligkeit

    10000 ANSI Lumens (Normal Mode) / 7500 ANSI Lumens (Eco Mode)

  • Kontrastverhältnis


  • Optik

    Interchangeable, Powered Zoom, Powered Focus, Lens shift

  • Lampenleistung

    430W Dual (Normal) / 344W Dual (ECO)

  • Lebensdauer der Lampe

    2000 Stunden (Normalmodus)/4000 Stunden (Eco-Modus)*

  • Verhältnis Entfernung zu Breite (:1)

    1.6 (WIDE), 2.4 (TELE) (Standard Lens SD-903 not included)

  • Diagonale Anzeigegröße

    50"~600" (100" at 3.5m, wide max.)

  • Anzahl der Farben

    16.7 million colours

  • Fokusabstand

    1.8m~21.4m (WIDE) / 2.7m~31.9m (TELE) (Standard Lens SD-903 not included)

  • Keystone-Korrektur

    Vertical 11:-1, Normal at +12.9°~+8.7° projection angle

  • Kompatibilität

  • Computer compatibility

    IBM Compatible VGA, SVGA, XGA, WXGA/WXGA+/SXGA/SXGA+/WSXGA+/UXGA/WUXGA (compressed), MAC16"

  • Composite Video


  • Component Video

    525i(480i), 525p(480p), 625i(576i), 1125i(1080i@50/60), 1125p(1080p@50/60), 750p(720p@50/60)


    525i(480i), 525p(480p), 625i(576i), 1125i(1080i bei 50/60), 750p(720p bei 50/60), 1125p(1080p bei 50/60)

  • Funktionen

  • Grundfunktionen

    Auto signal search & Source skip,Frame Lock,Image blank by RS232C/Remote control LED lamps (Filter, Shutter, Security, Lamp-1, Lamp-2, Temp, Power),Mechanical shutter, Magnify, Mirror Reverse Image, Up-side Down Image, Freeze, Serial number displayed on EASY MENU and on the side of projector, Status monitoring by sub LCD

  • Picture Adjustments

    Bright/Rich Colour, Accentualizer and HDCR, Equalizing Colour temperature adjustment, Equalizing Digital Gamma Correction, Picture mode (Standard, Natural, Cinema, Dynamic, Board (Black), Board (Green), Whiteboard, Daytime, DICOM Simulation, User-1, User-2, User-3), Resolution setting, Video noise reduction, Mirror Reverse Image, Up-side Down Image, My Button by Remote control, My Memory, My source, My Text, MyScreen

  • Digitale Keystone-Korrektur

    Horizontal & Vertical ± 30 degrees

  • Advanced Features

    360 degree installation angle, Active Iris,Blending/Cropping,Filter timer / selectable interval time to show the message for air filter cleaning,Image blank by RS232C/Remote control,Lens memory (Lens shift position, Lens type) MAC address displayed on the side of projector,Magnify 4 times (XGA) by RS232C/ Remote control, Mechanical shutter, Overscan (Video, Component video signal), Perfect Fit (4 corners), capable of saving/loading the setup, Picture by Picture/Picture in Picture, Magnify 4 times (XGA) by RS232C/Remote control, Portrait projection,Resolution setting,Warping and Blending Simultaneously, Scheduling features, 24/7 Dual Lamp mode

  • Ein-/Ausschalten

    Auto Power off, Direct power on, Eco mode

  • Security Systems

    PIN Security Lock, MyScreen Password Lock, My Text Password Lock, Lens Lock, Key Lock (Key pad, Remote Control)

  • Netzwerk

    AMX Device Discovery, Command Control via the Network, Configuring and Controlling the Projector via a Web Browser, Controlling the Projector via Scheduling Crestron RoomView® (Not accessible through the wireless adapter), Displaying text data transferred via network, Extron XTP system, Failure and Warning Alerts via E-mail, My Image (still image transfer) Display, Network Bridge, Network Presentation (PC still picture transfer), Frame rate (practical) is under 12fps (640x480 movie) reference purpose only, PJLinkTM, Projector Management via SNMP

  • OSD-Sprachen


  • Anschlüsse

  • HDMI-Eingang

    2 x HDMI (HDCP-konform)

  • Computereingang

    Mini-D-Sub 15-pin connector x 1

  • Monitorausgang

    Mini-D-Sub 15-pin-Steckverbinder x 1

  • DVI-D-Eingang

    1 x DVI-D

  • SDI

    1x SDI input

  • HD Base T

    1x HD Base T input

  • Composite video (RCA jack)

    1 x BNC

  • Bedienung

    1 x RS-232C

  • USB Typ A


  • Kabelfernbedienung

    1 x 3.5mm

  • Drahtgebundenes Netzwerk

    LAN (RJ45)

  • Drahtloses Netzwerk

    Wireless LAN (USB WLAN Dongle, USB A) Optional

  • Leistung

  • Stromversorgung

    110-120V AC 10.2A / 220-240V AC 5.6A

  • Power Consumption/Standby

    110-120V AC 1090W / 220-240V AC 1070W / Standby 0.5W

  • Physisch

  • Abmessungen (B x H x T)

    537 x 505 x 170mm (with SD-903 lens) / 537 x 438 x 170mm (without lens)

  • Gewicht

    17.099kg (no lens) / 18.299kg (SD-903; Standard zoom Lens)

  • Geräuschpegel

    37dB (Normal) / 32dB (Eco)

  • Luftfilter

    Hybrid (bis zu 15.000 Stunden)

  • Zertifizierung

  • Zertifizierung

    EMC, Low Voltage, ErP, RoHS, CE

  • Im Lieferumfang enthaltenes Zubehör

  • Im Lieferumfang enthaltenes Zubehör

    Remote Control HL02804, Power cord: US cord (3m) x 1, Euro cord (3m) x 1, Computer Cable (2m) x 1, Wireless USB Cover x 1, Wireless Remote Control Unit x 1, Ferrite core and Band x 2, Cable tie, AA Batteries x 2, Security Label x 1, Application CD x 1, User’s Manual CD (Safety Guide, Quick Setup Guide, Network Quick Setup Guide, Operating Guide, Instant Stack Guide, Network Guide, ) x1, User’s Manual (Concise) x1

  • Optionales Zubehör

  • Optionales Zubehör

    USB Wireless adaptor USB-WL-11N, Lamp DT01911, Filter set UX39551

  • Optik

    FL-910 (Ultra Short Throw Lens), USL-901 (Ultra Short Throw Lens), SL-902 (Short Throw Lens), SD-903 (Standard Lens), ML-904 (Middle Throw Lens), LL-905 (Long Throw Lens), UL-906 (Ultra Long Throw Lens)

  • Gewährleistung

  • Garantie

    3 Jahre / 6 Monate

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