The Under the Skin exhibition will celebrate Ferrari’s 70 years at the forefront of passion, glamour and design. The event will give visitors unique and behind-the-scenes access to one of the world’s most iconic automotive brands.

Held at the Design Museum in London, the epicentre of product, industrial, graphic, fashion and architectural design, ‘Under the Skin’ is the latest in a series of events to mark Ferrari’s anniversary.

Starting in November and running until April, visitors will be treated to a collection of Ferrari vehicles, hand-drawn sketches and exclusive memorabilia. Far from feeling like a car showroom, projected on the walls of the museum will be a range of visuals creating a truly immersive experience. Visitors can explore the timeline of Ferrari’s 70 year history, and will be let in on secrets from the design and engineering process.

The display, which will be the first of its kind outside the Ferrari Museum in Maranello, Italy, will showcase a staggering £140million worth of iconic models.


Experience Ferrari’s iconic cars up close

Cars on show range from racing machinery, including Michael Schumacher’s Formula 1 world championship-winning F1-2000, to an exact replica of the first ever Ferrari. The newest model, the LaFerrari Aperta, owned by chef Gordon Ramsay, will help bookend the collection.

The exhibition will explore Ferrari’s inspirations, featuring original photography, original drawings, handwritten letters and even Enzo Ferrari’s driving license. The event is dedicated to honouring the uncompromising drive of Enzo Ferrari to craft the ultimate driving machine for track and road.

Find out more about their illustrious clientele

Guests will also gain an exclusive look at Ferrari’s extraordinary celebrity clientele. Notes by Miles Davis feature alongside archive photography of famous clients with their cars, including Clint Eastwood, Sammy Davis Jr, Brigitte Bardot and Peter Sellers.

The climax of the section is a 250 GT Cabriolet (1957) owned by one of the most famous British racing drivers of all time – Peter Collins. Other delights include a F40 (1988) belonging to Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason and a 166 MM (1950) formerly driven by Gianni Agnelli, head of Fiat.

An unprecedented insight into industry-leading design

Those interested in car design will have plenty to see, with an insight into the secretive world of design for one of the world’s most successful brands of all time. Original hand-drawn sketches sit next to high-tech wind tunnel models. Visitors will also be taken step-by-step through Ferrari’s illustrious history, with supporting Sepia photos, old video footage and hand-sketched designs projected alongside the exhibition’s artefacts.

Pioneering display solutions

Hitachi is the sole provider of display solutions for the event. Our passion for pioneering new technologies and pushing boundaries made us the perfect partner for Ferrari and the Design Museum for this special event. 

Hitachi will be providing three projector models:

  • 1 x LP-WU3500 – LED light source which is incredibly reliable which can last all day with little maintenance.
  • 4 x LP-WU9750B – Laser light source which also needs little looking after. It uses FL-920 UST lens which allows a large image to be shown with short throw distance, opening opportunities for creativity.
  • 1 x CP-WU8700W – can be programed through an internal scheduler, making it easy to use for these type of environments.

These models were all chosen for their long-lasting durability, perfect for gallery viewings, events and spectaculars. 

We’re thrilled to be involved in such a dynamic project that celebrates one of the world’s automotive industry leaders. Book tickets and experience our projectors in action in this incredible setting.